Voices In Power: Open Mic IX

Welcome into the minds of greatness…
Where poetry still lives and breathes just as often as our dreams.

Voices In Power Open Mic is held EVERY 3rd SUNDAY at The HeadHouse Lounge (122 Lombard) right off South Street. The doors open at 6:30pm. Its ONLY a $5 cover charge. The open mic begins at 7pm and ends at 10pm.
The Open Mic is free for any form of talent. We mostly have poetry but rappers, singers, and comedians have blessed the stage. We have food and drinks for sale, vendors, a live artist (when available), free giveaways, and just a dope all around setting.
Voices In Power Open Mic night has become a family and support system for our arts community. Don’t miss the next one. I promise you will enjoy yourself.
Their isn’t a way for me to explain how dope these events are, how cool the people are and the vibe the setting gives, so my only advice to anyone and everyone is simple…. COME CHECK US OUT EVERY 3RD SUNDAY.

And remember…
“We are only heard if we speak” 

Photography by: Lamont DNYCE 

STAR Talent Show

The STAR Talent Show was a wonderful event filled with amazing talent of all ages. This was the first talent show put together by the H.O.P.E. Organization. Voices in Power and Lambda Tau Omega joined H.O.P.E. in efforts to help raise money with an outside organization for a playground in the community of Pleasantville; to encourage children to remain active and healthy.
The STAR Talent Show was held at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in the beautiful campus center. The talent show was divided into four categories: dance groups, singers, instrumentalist and spoken word artists.  Each category was judged separately with its own trophy and cash prize winner.

The event was such a huge success we plan on throwing it again next year and every year that follows. Stay tuned!

STAR Talent Show Contestants:

1. Krystal Wright
2. Lauren Cowan
3. Nia Rothmaller
4. Kanesha Mosley
5. Jasmine Holliday 

Dance Groups:
 1. Legacy Dance Group
2. Ikonics
4. Triple Threat (Stockton)
5. Illmatic Dance Force 

1. Kevin Talty
2. Evan Cohn
3. Jeremy Tiger
4. Tom Garcia 

Spoken Word Artists:
 1. Elle Vintage
2. Cierra F
3. Evy Crespo 

These are just some of the photos taken by the beautifully talented Paris Tobias Photography & Lamont DNyce.

Please contact H.O.P.E. for further details at

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VIP – HeadHouse VII

Voices In Power is a fantastic event held every third Sunday of the month at The HeadHouse Lounge located on 2nd & Lombard from 6:30pm-10:00pm.  This months Voices In Power was a bit different then the rest. We featured our usual dope poets, rappers, singers, comedians, etc but this month we included a live artist as well as a vendor.

Vendor: Neo Daviso ( & )
Artist: Camille Safiya ( )
Photographer: Lamont “D Nyce” Everett Chandler ( )

Voices In Power is growing and growing fast. This was the first one of the new year, seventh one at The HeadHouse, and it was amazing. Packed with artistically inclined individuals who love art in all forms.

Come vibe with us next month. February 19th. Same place, same start time, later end time.
Bring a friend, take a seat, order a drink and food than thank me later.

“We are only heard if we speak”

Word Of Mouth by CGMPhilly

Word of Mouth was fused with live music, comedy and spoken word into one event, which featured artists from the Philadelphia area as they express themselves through their respective crafts.
The show, which was hosted by spoken word artist Luis Marrero (VoicesInPower), featured brands and businesses, such as TEAB Boutique, Neo Daviso, October Gallery, Cooking After 5, Superior Service Automotive Detailing, Concrete Cakes, Vitamin Water and Voices In Power Poetry Team.
Below are some of the photos from this wonderful event. 


Check HERE for an interview by Phreedum on the machines behind CGMPhilly.

Common Ground Management, LLC is an urban lifestyle company that unites Philadelphians through art, education, entertainment, fashion and music. We are encouraged to enhance the community through a commitment to business and personal development while cultivating relationships with patrons in the Philadelphia region, which will facilitate growth and advancement for all those involved.

Jimmy Burks
Dominique Landry
Sherman Washington


Voices In Power – Dec. 18th

Voices In Power “We are only heard if we speak” presents the photos from our last event of 2012. Enjoy. 
If you want to catch the talent live, come to our next open mic/try outs on Jan 15th.
Check ‘Upcoming Events’ for details on next months show.

Photos taken by Lamont ‘DNyce’ Everett Chandler
See more of his work -

Hear My Fashion, See My Words

Hear My Fashion, See My Words was a collaborative event where fashion met poetry. The machines behind this event were BRAG from PhilaU and Voices In Power “We are only heard if we speak”.

Some of the extremely talented designers from this event were Michael Thomas, Zombie Flyd Nation, Lizzie Kay Lewis (Email:, Warehouse Boutique, and Sean Anthony Designs. PhilaU students also participated in this event which included pieces from Alicia Pickney, Derrill Womack, Whitney Walts, Sheena Johnson-Scott, Rhode Paulemont, Amber Bowden and Rachelle Matthews. 

More links to the designers coming soon…

Photos taken by Jay Matthews Photography

Where It All Began…

Do you remember the very first Voices In Power “We are only heard if we speak” open mic at Barnes & Noble in Deptford, NJ back on April 3rd? I do.
I remember being so nervous that morning. This being the first of anything I have ever thrown I wasn’t too positive of the turnout. I just moved back from Vegas in February and I was scared people forgot who I was and wouldn’t show up. I did a little over a month of constant promoting of this event. It was difficult to pitch this Voices In Power thing to people since I barely knew what it was myself. But I did the best I could and guess what? It paid off.
I was running a little late, thanks pop, but we got there about ten minutes late. And this is after I stressed so much to everyone to be on time, of course. Anyway, I called my brother Diandre on my way there to get the sneak peek of what it’s looking like. My heart was beating outside of the car at this point and Brown replied “It’s not really anyone here.” I almost cried.
This is the moment of truth. Park. Walk. Door. Open……. (dramatic pause). Smile. The entire front of Barnes & Noble was filled. The head count totaled a little over 140 and that to me was amazing. Family, friends, their family and friends and so on. I was in all. This event held some of the dopest poets and performers I have ever witnessed. I loved it. And I thank everyone who was in attendance supporting this beautiful movement.
Long story short, this day right here provided a new light in my life. Voices In Power.  

Photos above taken by Lamont “D Nyce” Everett Chandler.


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